Coastal and marine infrastructure

Flood & coastal protection

Over many years, Jones Bros has developed expertise in managing and carrying out flood and coastal protection work, including a project to shore up the sea defences in a busy seaside resort.

We played a vital role in the design of the scheme and, in an effort to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, we transported the bulk of the rock by sea.

Jones Bros was also recognised within the trade press for establishing and maintaining excellent community relations with residents affected by the works.

We are skilled at producing and handling rock armour and core materials required for coastal defences to British and international standards. In addition, we carry out beach nourishment and management, including recycling of shingle or sand.

Marine infrastructure

Jones Bros has managed and built substantial port and marina facilities on a national basis, from a prestigious marina in an environmentally sensitive estuary, to infrastructure for a new terminal at an operational ro-ro ferry facility at a key UK-European transportation hub.

Strict environmental management and plant maintenance procedures ensure the risk of pollution to the water is minimised.

Our civil engineering expertise covers every aspect of marine construction projects, from both on and off-shore land remediation work and the construction of rock breakwater, to the completion of quay facilities.

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