Surfacing & soil stabilisation

Road surfacing

In-house Surfacing Division

Jones Bros has an in-house surfacing division with considerable experience in planning and carrying out surfacing works.

We adopt the principles of sustainability by planning and recycling existing materials where possible to use as sub-base. In one case, during construction of a racetrack, stone excavated on site was recycled to generate material for the base layer, which was resurfaced to world superbike racing standards.

Our experience within surfacing is vast, from the world class superbike racetrack to the construction of a flagship 5.2km bypass through SSSIs and AONB as part of a 50:50 joint partnership.

The division has a reputation for completing on time and to budget surfacing contracts with a wide range of requirements, for example, widening of dual carriageways and reconstruction of access roads, sometimes within very heavy traffic flows.

By utilising our own in-house plant division, we also ensure the seamless supply of machinery and equipment for your project.

Soil Stabilisation

Jones Bros owns and operates its own specialist soil stabilisation plant and is able to offer a design and build service for a wide range of permanent and temporary applications including:

  • Access Tracks & Roads
  • Paved Hard Standing Areas
  • Car Parks
  • Crane & Piling Platforms

By removing or reducing the need to import aggregates, we are able to offer our clients significant savings in time and cost.

The associated reduction in road traffic and quarried aggregate also offers significant sustainability and environmental benefits.

Recycled aggregates such as road planings can be used to provide a protective surface, and our paving plant has proved to be an efficient method of installation.

Whole life asset costs including decommissioning are substantially reduced as stabilised soil can simply be broken up and the soil returned to its original use without the need for expensive offsite disposal.


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