Waste remediation and facilities

Landfill engineering solutions

Jones Bros provides a variety of remediation services for land remediation, contaminated land and brownfield sites, and has a reputation for being one of the leading qualified remediation contractors.

Jones Bros was an early leader in the laying of HDPE geomembranes, the mixing of bentonite enhanced soils and the laying and conditioning of clay for landfill sites.

We continue to remain at the forefront in engineering safe, cost-effective schemes for the construction and operation of landfill sites, including the entire associated infrastructure.

In addition, our experience in earthworks means that we can quickly cap and contour sites to start the process of returning them to creative use.

Specialist skills are vital to handle competently the reclamation of brownfield sites, particularly former industrial sites that may be highly contaminated with dangerous substances.

Jones Bros’ technical experts are skilled at and practiced in restoring such sites innovatively, safely and economically.

As well as organising traditional excavation and licensed off-site disposal, together with landfill containment construction, our team can identify, design and construct on-site containment or treatment methods that significantly reduce your costs and construction timetables.

As an additional service, we have a gas pipework division, giving us the capability to deliver a complete turnkey project in the landfill industry in the UK and internationally.

This division offers services including basal drainage; telescopic leachate extraction shafts; gas extraction systems; leachate control, power generation and closed landfill restoration.

Gas extraction systems, either bespoke installations or extensions to existing systems, can be provided by our experienced and qualified site staff – all working to the strictest quality control.

Infrastructure for waste processing facilities

Our expertise in waste remediation has naturally led to further work in the recycling and waste management facility sector.

Jones Bros’ engineers have significant experience in the design and build of a range of recycling and waste management centres, including material recycling facilities and mechanical biological treatment plants. Visit our case studies page to see the variety of projects successfully completed for our clients.

Projects have stemmed from our strong partnerships with some of the UK’s leading recycling and waste industry companies, and often form part of region-wide landfill engineering frameworks.

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