Ardley Landfill


Ardley Landfill Site, Oxfordshire

Client: Viridor Waste Management Ltd
Contract value:
Contract date:
July - Oct 2011
Waste Remediation & Facilities Waste remediation & facilities

Capping and restoration works to landfill cell, including temporary capping of a recently completed area, and construction of new landfill cell.

Works included:

  • Regulating geomembrane lining of completed area of landfill, followed by the placement of restoration soils
  • Placement and welding of geomembrane as a temporary cap
  • Removal and relocation of gas infrastructure to facilitate capping
  • Placement and engineering of clay lined cell
  • Geomembrane lining of cell, including geotextile protection and stone drainage blanket
  • Installation of leachate drainage extraction system
  • Additional re-profiling and geomembrane lining of restored area of site