Slurry lagoons

slurry lagoons

Professionally designed and built

Jones Bros has its roots in agriculture, having evolved from a livestock farm run by two brothers. Our comprehensive expertise in areas such as landfill and land remediation means we can build earth-banked slurry lagoons for farmers whether affected by Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) regulations requirements or not.

A bespoke earth banked lagoon, taking into account location, soil type, stone content, water table levels and the needs of the specific farm, can be the most cost-effective solution for slurry storage.

Lagoons offer the flexibility of size, shape and location to meet farm needs. They are highly cost-effective in the short and long term, have minimal visual impact with a long life span.

Jones Bros is a specialist in design, construction and installation. We have extensive expertise in clay and all flexible membrane lining (FML) methods. Our services include site surveying to assess suitability for a lagoon with in-house expertise to produce plans and drawings suitable for planning applications and construction. Jones Bros is fully conversant with all current relevant regulations and guidelines and can provide access roads, concrete pads, fencing and other associated ancillary works. Most importantly, we offer extremely competitive pricing with fully trained and qualified employees and their own plant fleet.

Jones Bros can also provide access to specialist independent advisors to give confidential guidance to farmers before committing themselves to any work.

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