Civil engineering firm appointed to deliver second phase of major water treatment plant6th Sep 2019

A civil engineering firm has been appointed by Welsh Water to deliver the second phase of a major water treatment project.

After successfully completing the installation of a new 840 metre pipeline in Gwynedd, Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK has been tasked with carrying out the next stage of the scheme – installing a waste water treatment works connected to the pipeline.

The two-pronged project is the first time Jones Bros has been directly appointed by Welsh Water.

The new pipeline and waste water treatment works will serve Seion, Gwynedd, to meet the demands of population increase in the village, with an updated septic tank required to increase efficiencies.

Phase one of the work ran from June until August with new outlets and inlets installed for the treatment plant as well as 15 manholes and a new headwall.

Jones Bros site agent, Gemma Roebuck, said: “This was not a straight-forward job due to the different types of land – the pipeline went through two forests, a farm track, a garden, and a driveway of a holiday home.

“With the holiday home, there was a tight seven-day turnaround due to a booking, but the owner of the property was pleased with the work which finished on time.”

During phase one, no material was taken from site – either being re-used or stored for phase two.

Installation of the treatment works is under way with excavation taking place to site the new septic tank, an inlet and final testing chambers. Jones Bros is also carrying out full electrical installation.

Any rock that is removed will be repurposed as much as possible on location – reducing the need for vehicle journeys to and from landfill – while Grasscrete will be put in place to minimise the visual impact.

It is expected work will be completed by December 2019.

Established in the 1950s, Jones Bros is now being run by the second and third generations of the founding family and employs more than 400 people.

It is currently working on contracts in various sectors including highways, waste, renewable energy, and flood and marine defence projects across the UK.