Company-wide initiatives help Jones Bros reduce carbon emissions22nd Jul 2022

Eliminating 90 per cent of CO2 emissions on heavy plant activity on a single site is just one example of the impact of a civil engineering firm’s focus on its environmental activity.

Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK is future proofing itself by having a clear carbon management pathway for year-on-year savings when it comes to emissions.

The Ruthin-headquartered company is monitoring its Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI), which will allow a thorough review of new initiatives, and ensure it is performing and reporting as under the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Regulations (SECR).

As part of its bid to reduce carbon emissions, Jones Bros has made several impressive changes since the start of 2022 by:

  • Investing in an electric pool car fleet which has helped reduce fossil fuel consumption, saving more than 1,500 litres of fuel to date
  • Introducing solar powered and hybrid generators that have helped reduce the use of diesel generators, saving more than 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions to date
  • Trialling of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) in heavy plant at a landfill site in Calvert, eliminating 90 per cent of CO2 emissions
  • 4×4 driver training to improve standards, which in turn reduce CO2 emissions. Over 4.4million miles were driven by company 4x4s the previous year, so by educating drivers and installing onboard telemetry – automatic measurement and wireless transmission of date – there is a long-term push towards more efficient and safe driving
  • Installing an additional 10KW system at head office to improve solar energy generating capacity, which will save over eight tonnes of carbon each year
  • Successfully securing locally sourced employees and materials for projects in Peterborough and Hull, therefore reducing commuter mileage
  • Introducing Trimble WorksOS which allows remote 3D monitoring of earthworks volumes and trends, helping to make informed decisions to ensure a sustainable and proactive approach that minimises material movement and maximises efficiencies to reduce the carbon footprint

The company’s impressive work has been rewarded with Jones Bros highly commended at The Building Safety Group (BSG) Health and Safety Awards for an Environmental Award.

Sam Higgitt, environmental manager for Jones Bros, was at the awards in Bromsgrove.

He said: “It’s fantastic that the initiatives have not only been well received across Jones Bros right the way from board level down to site operatives, but that the company’s desire to improve has been recognised with an award.

“Throughout the business, the new ways of working have been adopted with great enthusiasm and that will only ensure that Jones Bros moves forward with positivity.

“It’s been wonderful to see the savings made because of the changes and highlights just how important the company sees reducing carbon emissions.

“Indeed, the use of HVO is slightly more expensive than using gas oil, but once the trial found that it works with our heavy plant, we took the decision to plan and utilise it across further sites with immediate effect.”

Established in the 1950s, Jones Bros owns one of the largest plant fleets in the UK and employs approximately 500 people.

The company is currently working on contracts in various sectors including highways, flood and marine defence, waste management and renewable energy around the UK.

The company runs an award-winning apprenticeship scheme, which has produced nearly 50 per cent of its current workforce, with many of its senior managers having started out as apprentices or in a trainee role. It has recruited more than 100 apprentices during the past three years.