Compton Bassett Landfill


Compton Bassett Landfill Site, Swindon

Client: Hills Waste Solutions Ltd
Contract value:
Contract date:
April 2011
Waste Remediation & Facilities Waste remediation & facilities

Cell construction works included:

  • 300,000m3 of bulk earthworks, de-watering of sands and gravels
  • Under cell drainage for progression of earthworks
  • 15,000m3 of sand excavation for quarrying operations
  • 25,000m2 engineered clay capping to cell
  • Installation of 12,000m2 geocomposite drainage layer to side-slopes
  • 25,000m3 of engineered clay liner to cell base
  • 300m fully welded HDPE leachate pipework
  • 17,500m2 of baled tyres placed to form the leachate drainage blanket
  • Upper sidewall extension to cell

The cell was completed three weeks ahead of programme.