Head office

COVID-19 statement – 1 March 20221st Mar 2022

At Jones Bros we take the safety, health and well-being of our staff, contractors, clients, visitors and all our stakeholders with the importance and seriousness it deserves. With the current ‘Living With COVID-19’ workplace guidance in place and using the latest and current information from government, health providers and industry bodies we have and we continue to assess the risks from COVID 19.

We have produced and continue to review our COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Site Rules to enable all our work locations to implement company and local precautions to control and manage the risks from COVID-19 to acceptable levels where practicable. Areas we have assessed include:

  • Fit for Work
  • Travelling
  • Hygiene & Cleaning Practices
  • Physical Distancing
  • Ventilation & Welfare Facilities
  • Communication & Information

We brief and share our COVID-19 risk assessments and site rules with all persons involved in our activities and as part of our compliance regime we have a COVID-19 inspection schedule across our work locations to ensure standards expected are achieved and maintained. For further information or assistance on how we manage workplace risks from COVID-19 please contact us at covid@jones-bros.com