First 100 metres of new £15m pipeline installed

First 100 metres of new £15m pipeline installed19th Jun 2013

The first section of a new pipeline to supply the hydro-electric power station in Dolgarrog has been completed.

Work on the £15m replacement project, which will help ensure the power station remains operational for the foreseeable future, is progressing according to schedule.

Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK is replacing the 90-year-old Coedty pipeline, which supplies water to RWE npower renewables’ Dolgarrog Hydro Electric Power Station.

Work on the project began in November, and to date has included significant improvements to access roads and the full removal of the previous pipeline, which has reached the end of its working life.

Site engineers are now in the process of replacing the 1200 metre long pipeline. A section 100 metres in length has already been welded into place at an area above Dolgarrog known as Marble Arch, the lowest part of the pipeline.

As work progresses, the pipeline is also being covered in a protective coating to prevent corrosion and protect its steel structure from the environment.

In addition to the replacement work, Jones Bros will be creating an auxiliary surge pipe to protect from excess water flow, as well as constructing two new valve houses.

Jones Bros project manager Ivan Rawlins said: “It’s a really challenging scheme, but things are progressing according to plan.