Geophysics under discussion at business breakfast14th Feb 2017

Major projects manager Mike Jones will provide an insight into the power of geophysics in civil engineering during a business breakfast being held in North Wales.

Mike, of Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK, will discuss real case studies that demonstrate the effective use of geophysics and how it can provide much greater detail and understanding of site conditions than conventional site investigation techniques alone.

Brian Barrett, technical manager of Zetica, will join Mike when the pair provides a summary of available techniques, with examples of what each technique can achieve and when best to use it.

The discussion at the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) business breakfast, takes place on Friday, 17th February at the Kinmel Hotel and Spa in Abergele when there will also be an opportunity for those attending to network with colleagues.

John Dielhof, managing director of Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK, who is sponsoring the event, said: “Geophysics in civil engineering is a fascinating topic and my colleague Mike Jones is very well placed to talk about it, having being involved in some of Jones Bros’ biggest projects.”