Import of rock armour for key sea defence project finished ahead of schedule26th Jan 2021

The transportation of rock armour as part of a key sea defence project has been completed ahead of schedule.

Ruthin-based Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK received more than 50,000 tonnes of rock via vessels to Ellesmere Port Dock from Glensanda Quarry in Scotland between September and December.

Jones Bros had two teams working simultaneously to unload each delivery of rock armour while at the same time loading articulated wagons to send it on to a sea defence project in North Wales.

As the arrival times of the vessels changed due to weather and the tide, Jones Bros provided on-site accommodation for the team to allow them to receive deliveries 24/7.

Geraint Lloyd, project manager at Jones Bros, said: “It was estimated during the planning phase that it would take 24 hours to remove the rock off the vessel with machinery and onto the dock unloading area, but due to the team’s hard work and organisation, they managed to complete each delivery within 12 hours.

“To prevent damage to the dock, we placed a 1,400-tonne protection layer of type 1 subbase made up of limestone onto the ground before the imported rock was unloaded there.

“As part of the project we also had 10 purpose-built HGV trailers to carry more than 1,000 tonnes per day.”

The quick removal of materials meant each vessel could return to Scotland sooner to reload which helped to speed up the programme time.

Geraint added: “There were 12 deliveries in total with a three-day turnaround for each one. This involved 24 hours to travel to Scotland, 24 hours loading the rock at the quarry and then another 24 hours travelling back to Ellesmere Port.

“These journeys were impacted by the tide and weather, so deliveries were short notice for our team. They worked hard throughout the project, including late into the night or early hours of the morning, to ensure we met our schedule.”

Established in the 1950s, Jones Bros’ leadership team consists of members of the second and third generations of the founding family. It employs more than 500 people.

The company is currently working on contracts in various sectors including highways, flood and marine defence, waste management and renewable energy around the UK.

The company runs an award-winning apprenticeship scheme, which has produced more than 40 per cent of its current workforce, with many of its senior managers having started out as apprentices or in a trainee role. It has recruited more than 100 apprentices during the past three years.