Leading civil engineers complete two landfill projects in the east of England10th Oct 2017

Work has been completed on the construction of two engineered landfill cell projects for client Augean South Limited.

Jones Bros was appointed by the leading hazardous waste management company to carry out works at two landfills near Peterborough; the East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF) near Kings Cliffe and Thornhaugh Landfill Site. The contract was worth £1.5m.

Work started at the ENRMF in May. Jones Bros’ civil engineers excavated 85,000m3 of earth before installing an engineered clay liner, an artificial sealing liner of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a protective geotextile layer and finally leachate collection sumps and a leachate drainage layer of crushed aggregate to form a landfill cell designed to give a high level of environmental protection.

The ENRMF operates as a hazardous landfill, which includes the acceptance of low level radioactive wastes, typically transported from decommissioned nuclear power stations and other industrial sources.

Thornhaugh, which is located closely to the ENRMF, operates primarily as a non-hazardous landfill site with the capability to accept certain types of hazardous wastes. Work started on this site in July, with 50,000m3 of earth excavated and the cell lined with clay, HDPE, and baled tyres as a drainage layer.

Geraint Thomas, regional manager at Jones Bros, said: “These are our first projects for Augean South Limited and we’re pleased with how they have gone.

“We’ve had 15 lads working on site, with 10 – 15 per cent of them trainees. It’s been a fantastic job for them to work on to gain experience.

“Jones Bros has a strong reputation for engineering excellence at waste management facilities and we’re looking forward to developing a long-term relationship with Augean South.”

Augean is the sector leader in modernising hazardous waste management practice providing sustainable, compliance-led waste management solutions for Britain’s more difficult to handle wastes. Augean has invested in high quality engineering solutions at its landfill sites in order to ensure the protection of human health and the environment.

Founded in the 1950s and employing almost 350 people, Jones Bros has grown rapidly in the last decade. It is currently working on contracts in various sectors including the construction of waste management facilities, highways, flood and marine defence and renewable energy projects around the UK.

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