Jones Bros engineers score first after constructing giant turbine bases22nd Nov 2016

 Jones Bros engineers and operatives have considerable expertise in developing infrastructure for wind farms but after discovering two geological faults on a recent project they were faced with a major challenge.

The two faults were uncovered after the team began excavating earth for foundations at SSE’s 173MW Clyde 2 54-turbine wind farm in Scotland.

Two huge foundations needed to be constructed – each one measuring 24 metres in diameter – the length of four badminton courts and five metres deep.

Constructing each huge base involved:

  • 50-60 workers
  • 27 mixer trucks
  • 24-mile round trip from batching plant to turbine base and back – all on tracks built on site
  • 800m3 of concrete – usual bases take 600m3 of concrete
  • 20 tonnes of additional steel
  • 336,000kg of cement
  • 576,000kg of sand
  • 853,600kg aggregate
  • 124,000ltrs water
  • 3,024lts of admixture