Jones Bros featured on national news bulletins across the BBC television and radio networks16th Mar 2011

The BBC’s chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym reported from Swinford in Leicestershire where Jones Bros is currently working on the construction of a wind farm.

As part of a news package Hugh interviewed Jones Bros commercial director Ruth Jones and new apprentices Christian Williams and Jack Martin, ahead of the release of the latest unemployment figures.

He focused on youth unemployment and Jones Bros was chosen due to its long-standing commitment to its apprenticeship programme.

Jones Bros has run its highly successful apprenticeship programme for four decades, remaining committed to it even during periods of economic downturn. It now boasts a highly-skilled, loyal workforce, with many former apprentices now running multi-million pound Jones Bros projects.

The item was broadcast on the BBC’s 6 oclock and 10 oclock news programmes, as well as BBC News 24.