Judkins Landfill31st Jan 2013

A former landfill site in the Midlands has been successfully sealed thanks to Jones Bros.
Environmental engineers have installed a geological barrier at Judkins quarry, near Nuneaton, and are on course to have the capping project completed by the end of January.

Landfill operations on the site halted in 2009, and thanks to Jones Bros the site has been securely sealed to prevent harmful gas leaking into the atmosphere.

Contracts manager Geraint Thomas said the challenging terrain had forced site staff to take extra care over the course of the project.

Geraint: “It was a difficult job considering how steep the slope was, we had to take special health and safety measures. Everyone’s glad to see the work finally completed following many previous failed attempts by others.

“We also built up a really close relationship with the Environment Agency, which regularly monitored the site to ensure it complies with environmental standards.”

The work saw the Jones Bros specialists lay down a 300 mm barrier of regulation material, made up of clay recycled from the site.

A protective LLDP plastic liner was then installed to seal the site and make it water tight, which was then covered by a further protective textile.

A final layer of soil, measuring a metre in depth, will be installed over the summer to complete the project.

The project continues Jones Bros reputation as one of the UK’s major environmental engineering service providers.