Landfill site’s 11,000m2 concrete slab completes on time and to budget2nd Nov 2018

A scheme to build an 11,000m2 compost storage pad at a landfill site has been completed on time and to budget by Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK.

The Jones Bros team excavated a total of 20,000m3 of earth, then applied a lime and cement stabilisation technique, to create the correct ground conditions prior to construction work.

Reuse of the excavated material minimised the amount of imported stone required, reducing the number of vehicular journeys to and from the site.

The ground was prepared with between two and four layers of stabilised material depending on the ground conditions, followed by a 150mm thick layer of type one aggregate.

A total of 11 daily pours, each of 200m3 of concrete, was required to complete the fibre-reinforced slab.

The project also involved installing 340m of containment kerbs around the perimeter and through the middle, dividing the slab so that two types of compost can be processed simultaneously.

In addition, the team excavated a further 7,000m3 of earthworks to construct two waste water lagoons, lined with one metre of engineered clay, and a 2mm plastic liner.

Jones Bros project manager Rhydian Hafal said: “The purpose of the pad is to enable compost to be tipped, processed, then taken away as the finished product.

“The slab has been built to fall toward the lagoons, so that, with the help of the drainage we’ve installed, any rainwater that comes into contact with the compost flows into the lagoons, ahead of safe disposal by tanker.

“The original design allowed for two layers of lime and cement stabilisation. However, following excavation, we found we would need three or sometimes four layers to achieve optimal ground conditions.

“Despite the extra work this required, the team worked hard, meaning that we still completed the programme on schedule and to the original budget.”

Rhydian, 30, who joined the company following a series of summer work placements while a student, is keen to encourage and educate young people on careers within construction in particular with Jones Bros, a civil engineering contractor.

Established in the 1950s, Jones Bros is now being run by the second and third generations of the founding family.

It works on projects including the construction of waste management facilities, highways, flood and marine defence, and renewable energy projects around the UK.